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You can now import and export your RetroPage Data!

Retroity · December 24, 2017

RetroPage import/export options

Surprise! It is currently the day before christmas (at least where I live) so here’s a surprise feature update as an early christmas present. This update adds the ability to import and Export your RetroPage data, which includes your custom CSS, JavaScript, custom logo and every other setting change and customization you’ve made to RetroPage. This allows you to take your RetroPage data with you, whether you want to back it up, save it for later, or share it with others! The data is exported using JSON, and is done so in a way that is open and incredibly easy to work with.

This update also includes a few small tweaks here and there that should help make RetroPage more usable. You can see all the changes in the changelog, which is right here! Additionally you can find the GitHub release for this update here.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!